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Umbrella – sweet dreams custodian

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

umbrella paper plate craftumbrella paper plate craft front

Pre-history: Danish writer and poet Hans Christian Andersen invented Ole Lukoje – diminutive man who’s been coming at night to show children fairy dreams. First he blew to child’s back of the head and child fell asleep, and then Ole Lukoje opened umbrella up (he always was carrying 2 umbrellas underarms – one was multicolored, for very good children, and second one was plain… for the others). If umbrella was many colors then child saw very beatiful dreams all night long, if it was one color then child didn’t see any dreams. So, now we call attention to making our own Ole Lukoje’s umbrella – multicolored one, of course 🙂 You might want to hang it somewhere near your child’s bed so he would fell asleep faster and see wonderful dreams all night 🙂

Craft supplies

One paper plate (or just trace circle on any thick paper, for example poster board)


Glue gun


One round wooden stick, about 8 inches long

One small styrofoam ball (optional)

For decoration (choose as many as you want): acryllic paint (+brush), markers or crayons, ribbons, braids, laces, lace trims, stickers, rhinestones or anything else you can think of 🙂

Time needed: from 30 minutes and beyond


Find the center of the plate and mark. Now make a straight cut from edge to that point. If you wish to draw something over it, this is the best time. You can draw on the both outer or inner sides. Take both corners and wrap them over so it has umbrella-like shape. Staple or hot-glue. Decorate border with ribbons or lace trims (again, staple or hot-glue). Decorate both surfaces with stickers, glitter glue (chunky glitter glue) and rhinestones. Just remember: colorfulness of your dreams now depends on this umbrella, so be creative! 🙂 Glue one end of wooden stick inside the cone, fasten small styrofoam ball on another end (optional, for safety). You can color it with any shiny paint. Let it all dry. Now fix the ribbon loop around the handle… and guess what? It’s ready to hang near the bed to collect and show beatifull dreams.

Very friendly and jolly ghosts

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

ghost foam craft

Some ghosts don’t have to be scary, especially if they ‘scare’ very little ones

Craft supplies

White foam sheet(s)

2 googly eyes for one or 4 for couple 🙂


Hole punchers (Halloween-theme shaped, or any you have :))

Glitter glue (tame one, it’s still sparky)



Rhinestones (sticky /or regular ones +glue)

Optional: yarn pieces, if you want add some glamour to your female ghost 🙂

Time needed: 30 minutes, more or less


Outline your ghost(s) on a foam sheet (you can use own imagination or our pattern here)

Make one hole on the top of the head – for hanger, bow or hair

Make more holes down the skirt(s) – yes, both girls and boys ghosts wear canopies (wait a minute… or they are canopies themselves?)

Glue the eyes

Draw eyelashes, nose, mouth

Stick rhinestones wherever you want – by the dress, or put some in their hands

Put hanger, or ribbon (tie a bow), or yarn pieces (as hair) through a top hole

Decorate with glitter glue to add more shine 🙂 Voila!

Halloween pumpkin-baggy

Thursday, January 31st, 2008


Craft supplies

2 white paper plates and orange paint/or 2 orange (both sides) plates

Glue gun an glue stick (or loaded stapler)

Craft scissors

2 huge googly eyes

Halloween stickers

Markers or crayons

Ribbon for hangers


Cut one plate in halves

Place one whole plate and one half face-to-face, edge by edge, so you make ‘pocket’ between them

You can glue them together, staple or tape (hot glue seems more reliable for such ‘heavy’ business as Halloween candy hunt 🙂 )

Glue googly eyes on a bigger part

On a half part draw a mouth

Decorate with drawings (freckles, mustache, eyelashes and so on) and stickers

Hot-glue or staple hanger

Put couple candies inside the baggy to gain more! Now you’re ready for hunt! 🙂

Paper plate pizza

Friday, January 25th, 2008

pizza craft paper plate

Craft supplies

Round paper plate
Tissue paper – yellow and red (you can also use just yellow foam sheet) Foam sheet cuts – crimson, camel, yellow colors Yarn – thick yellow cuts Scissors School glue Glue gun Ribbon or pipe cleaner for the hanger


Almost all pizzas include cheese and ketchup. So first of all, cut the circles from tissue paper (you can trace paper plate), then glue them one over another on the plate – they’ll ‘melt’. Now add any toppings you like – you can create your own or use our patterns here. We suggest to put pepperoni, mushrooms and pineapples (cut from foam sheets), and also add some yarn cuts to make ‘some unmelted shredded cheese’ effect. Make a loop with ribbon or pipe cleaner and hot-glue it to the back side of your pizza. Yummy!

Parrot for pirate or just parrot :)

Friday, January 25th, 2008



Clown face

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Clown face paper plate

Craft supplies

3-section paper plate
Acrylic paint, brush
2 googly eyes
1 big pom-pom for nose (and optional: few sparkly pom-poms to decorate hat)
2 pieces of pipe cleaners – 1 for mouth and 1 for hanger Glue gun Craft glue Cut from foam sheet – pink, beige, brown… for ears Small hat from craft store (or use our template to make your own – 2D)

Time needed: about 30 minutes (depends on how fast your paint dries, and volume of your imagination of course)


Paint 2 plate sections with one color and 1 with another

Let it dry

Glue the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hat

Draw eyebrows, eyelashes, redden cheeks – whatever your creativity tells you

You can put some bow under his chin

Glue a looped pipe cleaner on the back side. Voila! You can hang him on the wall or make a gift to beloved grandparents or friends or anyone else you wish to gladden.