Desktop organizer made of paper roll

desktop organizer paper roll craft sticks unreadydesktop organizer paper roll craft sticks boys
Craft supplies (for 1)

Toilet paper roll

14 regular craft sticks (prepainted or + acrylic paint and brush)

Loaded glue gun

Cardboard scrap for bottom

Embellishments according your taste and choice (we used flat backed marbles, flower shaped sequins and golden thread ribbon for girls, and foam stickers (boats, tracks, choppers) for boys)

desktop organizer paper roll craft sticks girls


TraceĀ  around the end of paper roll onto the cardboard, cut it out

Glue it to one end, making a bottom of organizer

Glue craft sticks all around the roll

Paint, if necessary, let dry

Put on embellishments

Fill it with stuff, put on the table. Be proud! :)

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