Clown face

Clown face paper plate

Craft supplies

3-section paper plate
Acrylic paint, brush
2 googly eyes
1 big pom-pom for nose (and optional: few sparkly pom-poms to decorate hat)
2 pieces of pipe cleaners – 1 for mouth and 1 for hanger Glue gun Craft glue Cut from foam sheet – pink, beige, brown… for ears Small hat from craft store (or use our template to make your own – 2D)

Time needed: about 30 minutes (depends on how fast your paint dries, and volume of your imagination of course)


Paint 2 plate sections with one color and 1 with another

Let it dry

Glue the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hat

Draw eyebrows, eyelashes, redden cheeks – whatever your creativity tells you

You can put some bow under his chin

Glue a looped pipe cleaner on the back side. Voila! You can hang him on the wall or make a gift to beloved grandparents or friends or anyone else you wish to gladden.

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