Parrot for pirate or just parrot :)


Craft supplies

Colored poster board


Black (or any dark color you want) paper for background

Shredded colored paper for “feathers”

2-3 colored real feathers from craft store

1 googly eye

Markers or crayons

School glue

Time needed: half an hour or more (depends how “downy” you want your parrot)


Trace parrot and wing using our template HERE on the poster board paper

Make a through cut on the parrot where marked

Bend the end of the wing where marked, pass it through the slit, glue

Glue some feathers (real ones) on parrot’s head (that part supposed to be back one)

Glue parrot on the background

Glue the eye

Now, you can cover his whole body with glue and then place as many “feathers” as you want, or, you can dip each ‘feather’ into glue and place it on the body โ€“ whichever way is convenient for you

Draw a beak with marker or crayon, or you can trace a beak separately on any other color paper and then glue it over

Add any elements you want โ€“ draw palm trees on the background, put some stickers, dust glitter. It is your project and you can improvise any way you want!

Hang it on the wall (use 2-sided tape or, glue a hook on the back side) . Enjoy him flapping his wing (with your little help, of course ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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