Paper plate pizza

pizza craft paper plate

Craft supplies

Round paper plate
Tissue paper – yellow and red (you can also use just yellow foam sheet) Foam sheet cuts – crimson, camel, yellow colors Yarn – thick yellow cuts Scissors School glue Glue gun Ribbon or pipe cleaner for the hanger


Almost all pizzas include cheese and ketchup. So first of all, cut the circles from tissue paper (you can trace paper plate), then glue them one over another on the plate – they’ll ‘melt’. Now add any toppings you like – you can create your own or use our patterns here. We suggest to put pepperoni, mushrooms and pineapples (cut from foam sheets), and also add some yarn cuts to make ‘some unmelted shredded cheese’ effect. Make a loop with ribbon or pipe cleaner and hot-glue it to the back side of your pizza. Yummy!

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