Halloween pumpkin-baggy


Craft supplies

2 white paper plates and orange paint/or 2 orange (both sides) plates

Glue gun an glue stick (or loaded stapler)

Craft scissors

2 huge googly eyes

Halloween stickers

Markers or crayons

Ribbon for hangers


Cut one plate in halves

Place one whole plate and one half face-to-face, edge by edge, so you make ‘pocket’ between them

You can glue them together, staple or tape (hot glue seems more reliable for such ‘heavy’ business as Halloween candy hunt 🙂 )

Glue googly eyes on a bigger part

On a half part draw a mouth

Decorate with drawings (freckles, mustache, eyelashes and so on) and stickers

Hot-glue or staple hanger

Put couple candies inside the baggy to gain more! Now you’re ready for hunt! 🙂

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