Very friendly and jolly ghosts

ghost foam craft

Some ghosts don’t have to be scary, especially if they ‘scare’ very little ones

Craft supplies

White foam sheet(s)

2 googly eyes for one or 4 for couple 🙂


Hole punchers (Halloween-theme shaped, or any you have :))

Glitter glue (tame one, it’s still sparky)



Rhinestones (sticky /or regular ones +glue)

Optional: yarn pieces, if you want add some glamour to your female ghost 🙂

Time needed: 30 minutes, more or less


Outline your ghost(s) on a foam sheet (you can use own imagination or our pattern here)

Make one hole on the top of the head – for hanger, bow or hair

Make more holes down the skirt(s) – yes, both girls and boys ghosts wear canopies (wait a minute… or they are canopies themselves?)

Glue the eyes

Draw eyelashes, nose, mouth

Stick rhinestones wherever you want – by the dress, or put some in their hands

Put hanger, or ribbon (tie a bow), or yarn pieces (as hair) through a top hole

Decorate with glitter glue to add more shine 🙂 Voila!

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