Egg carton caterpillar

caterpillar egg carton craftcaterpillar egg carton craft close up

Craft supplies

Egg carton, or egg plastic, or egg styrofoam (one half by length)

Acrylic paint

2 oval googly eyes

1 ‘bump’ from red bumpy pipe cleaner for smile (or red marker to draw it if you wish)

Black marker for eyelashes and brows

1 red pom-pom for nose

5 halves of multicolored pipe cleaners for legs

10 pony beads to secure ‘feet’

Gemstones to decorate (optional)


Glue gun, glue stick


Cut egg carton in halves by length

Color outer side (each bump with different paint or the same, as you wish)

While paint dries out, prepare legs:

Cut pipe cleaner in halves, string pony beads on the ends, curl to secure

Turn your caterpillar-to-be over, hotglue legs across the body, shape them so caterpillar stands, not floats

Hotglue eyes, nose, mouth

Draw eyelashes, brows, freckles J (and mouth, if you didn’t use pipe cleaner for it)

Decorate with gemstones, or beads, or stickers

You can also add ‘crown’ (we used 3-D flower bead, or prepare paper crown and glue it to head)


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