Clay & shell magnet – memorize your vacation!


Craft supplies

Blue air-dry or baking clay

2 flat shell pieces that can form a sailing boat

Chunky glitter glue – moons and stars (it’s not necessary, use what you have or what you consider will fit!)

Round magnet

Permanent marker


Mold a sphere, then squeeze it between palms to get ‘cookie’ form

Press in shell pieces transversely to each other – make them form a boat

Press in magnet to the wrong side of ‘cookie’

Let the clay dry or bake it in the oven

Cover blue zone with chunky glitter glue

You can also paint the boat with transparent glitter glue to make it shiny

On the wrong side of your magnet write a name of the place of your vacation (where you actually picked those shells?), and a date

Now put your magnet on the fridge and let your heart be warm every time you see it!

Important: do not put glitter glue on before sending your project to the stove! Only after it’s baked and chilled.

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