T-shirt with apple prints

apple print t-shirt

Craft supplies

Plain t-shirt or a-shirt (white is good!)

1 apple and a knife 🙂

Fabric paint – red, yellow, green (you can choose your own colors, we used these to make ‘apple traffic lights’)





Insert cardboard between cloths so back cloth won’t be soaked with paint, too 🙂

Smooth out front clothe so it’s not wrinkled and pin it to inserted cardboard

Cut apple in half

Paint one half with red

Stamp on the shirt

Wash apple or cut the fine layer off, or just use another half, if you own apple farm 🙂

Paint another half yellow

Stamp on shirt

Do the same with third print

Let it dry

Put it on and be proud! 🙂

Important: apple seeds don’t always leave prints. If you want them, you might want to paint them separately and then neatly apply on. Or, you can just draw them with brush 🙂

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