Clay family picture on the oceanic background


Craft supplies

Flexible push mold – family (we had 2 adults and 2 children)

Oven bake clay – beige, about 3 oz, depends on the mold (or different colors, if you prefer not to paint)

Black seed beads – 8 for eyes

Acrylic paint (not needed if you used multicolored clay) – colors that you want to paint them with (what color your clothes are?)

1 picture 4×6’ of an ocean shore or any other beautiful landscape you would like to be on

4×6’ picture frame

Glue gun and glue stick


Press clay completely into mold. If you use a variety of colors, add colors you want into the section of the mold you want colored, starting from the bottom upward toward the edge

Remove from the mold

Add some details such as eyes (seed beads), noses and smiles (scratch with toothpick), earrings for mom or any else

Tips: the mold we used didn’t have mom’s legs… If you have the same one 😉 you can just roll ‘sausages’ yourself 🙂

Bake as instructed

While it’s being baked, insert picture in the frame

When figures are ready, let them cool out

Paint as desired (if you used a variety of colors clay, just skip this step) and let it dry

Hotglue figures over the glass

Now display and enjoy! You can change background pictures as often as you want, so your clay family travels! 🙂

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