Halloween styrofoam spider (s)


Create a couple so they could be friends! Because of long legs they are so funny movable!

Craft supplies (for 1)

Styrofoam ball

Acrylic paint, brush


4 chenilles (pipe cleaners)

8 pony beads to secure ‘feet’

2 googly eyes

Red marker

Loaded glue gun


Paint styrofoam ball desirable color

Make 4 reach-through holes in the ball by sides

Extend chenilles through the holes so you (well, not you but spider) has 4 pairs = 8 legs

Thread beads on the chenilles and curl the ends so they are secured

Curve the legs so your spider has ‘knees’ and ‘ankles’

Hotglue eyes

Draw smile with red marker

Now try to drop him on the table from about 2 feet height and see how funny he can squat!

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