Pirate treasure chest

pirate-treasure-chest-before-paintingpirate-treasure-chestpirate treasure

There are many varieties of chests in stores now, and you can choose any according your taste, mood or phase of the moon 🙂 We offer to create custom project noone else will have!

Craft supplies

Any cardboard chest from storage section in store
Acrylic paint – brown, golden and gold
Clear acrylic sealer (matte, spray)
Treasures (diamonds, golden coins, necklaces, braclets, rings, candies – any you can fantasize of!)


Paint brown parts first (see pictures)
Paint straps golden, let it dry, paint gold
Let it dry
Spray all over with sealer
Let it dry again
Fill with treasures
‘Bury’! Then find using the map 🙂

Don’t forget another pirate stuff here on this website!

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