Tied hearts – together forever! Valentine’s day craft


Craft supplies

Wooden pot from craft store

Air dry clay

2 green chenilles (pipe cleaners)

Red foam scraps

4 googly eyes

Glitter glue

Acrylic paint – golden (or any you choose for your pot to be) and brown

Loaded glue gun


Fill the pot with clay

Paint the pot with golden paint (or choose any other color! Red? Purple? Magenta?)

While it dries, cut out 2 hearts from red foam

Hotglue them to green chenilles – stems

Hotglue eyes to hearts – faces

Connect chenilles together in any way you want – bow, twist, cross or tie in a knot

‘Plant’ them in a pot

Paint the soil brown

Add smiles to hearts with glitter glue

Give it to your Valentine on February, 14th!!!

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  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Very cute and very easy! Thanks for the tip!

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