Baby crib


Craft supplies (baby not included! 🙂 )

16 mini craft sticks

Toilet paper roll

Craft knife

Loaded glue gun

Acrylic paint – golden, or any you like more

BrushOptional, for bedding: felt scraps – we used 2.5’x4.5′ white felt for sheet, 1’x4.5′ sky-blue felt for pillow (fold it in threes) and 2’x2.5′ white felt for comforter 🙂


Cut toilet paper roll in half by width

Cut 1 half by length so it’s 3′ by circumference

Glue 1 craft stick on outer edge of ‘crib’ (see picture)


Start gluing inner surface of crib over with craft sticks

Glue one more stick on outer edge from another side (it’s important you do it after you covered inner surface because you want edges of your crib to be nice and neat

Glue ‘X’-es on the butt-ends

Glue cross-pieces over as you see on the picture


Paint it, let it dry


Now, if you want to have your crib bedded… then bed it! 🙂 Make few close splits by sides of the sheet so it’s like fringed 🙂

Put the baby that you have to the crib. If you do not have it, you can mold it with air-dry clay. Serene nights to you!

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