Pirate hat


Craft supplies

Black poster board 17×22″ (av. 43x55cm)

Feather (or feathers)


Pirate stickers

Elastic cord



pirate hat folding instructions

Fold poster board up by longer side (so bend’s length is 17″)

Fold two halves you got towards that bend so if you look from aside you see perfect “W” (all four parts are equal)

Now put it sideways on the table and unfold one part towards you

Fold all 4 corners so you see <=> form

Fold 2 halves together like you close the book đŸ™‚ Now you have \_/ form, right? It means your hat is ready!

Spread it and put on your head. Does it fit? Tape some feathers, attach stickers…

One last detail to keep it from falling… Pirates are so active, aren’t they? Make two holes with awl in upper corners of the hat, put the elastic cord through, tie a knot. AARRRRRRRRR!

Tips: you might want to have eye patch and parrot 

bear in pirate hat and eye patch

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