Woven trivet


Craft supplies

11 craft sticks

Rainbow yarn-ribbon (or choose any ribbon you like)

Loaded glue gun


Take one craft stick and hotglue the ends of 7 another sticks to it (see picture)


Hotglue end of ribbon to wrong side of first stick in the row

Lead the ribbon out and weave over and under all the sticks across

Glue the end of the ribbon on the wrong side of last stick in the row

Now begin over but in another direction, starting with last stick

Continue until the whole length of the craft sticks are woven

Hotglue 1 craft stick under all 7 sticks on the opposite end

Hotglue 2 more ribbons over the ends of 7 sticks


Voila! Great at your own home, great as a gift!

Tips: you might want to use another pattern in weaving, that would give your trivet another look, also you can use not just one ribbon but few. You are more than welcome to improvise with your project!

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