Felt gloves (mittens) to warm someone’s heart when you’re far away

gloves-felt-craft gloves-felt-craft

Craft supplies

Stiff felt (or cardboard + glue + regular felt)

Your hands 🙂



Hole puncher

Glitter glue, gemstones, pom poms – whatever you want to decorate your gloves with

Craft glue or loaded glue gun



Trace your hands on the felt

Cut them out

Make the holes on the wrist zone of your gloves

Thread a ribbon through, tie up the ends

Decorate your gloves by your own taste – you can use glitter glue, pom poms, gemstones, ribbon, beads… what else? Have fun and be creative!

Now you can gift it to your beloved ones, so sometimes when they miss you they could clasp your gloves to their cheeks and feel warmth and relieve. Or, you can leave gloves for yourself and compare your hands to them periodically and see how fast you grow! Whoosh! Who knew!

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