Humpty Dumpty that’ll never break no matter how often he falls


Craft supplies (for 1, chairs not included 🙂 )

Wooden pellet egg

3′ straw hat from the craft store

Feather – optional

2 googly eyes

Markers – black and red

Awl or craft drill

Pipe cleaner


4 pony beads

Acrylic paint, brush

Loaded glue gun


Paint the egg and hat with acrylic paint (choose colors!), let it dry

Make hands and legs: cut pipe cleaner in fourth, thread pony beads on the ends, curve

Hotglue feather to the hat

(Adult’s work) Make 4 holes in the egg body for hands and for legs

Insert extremities into holes (better works with hot glue), curve them as desired

Hotglue hat, eyes

Draw nose, smile, cheeks, freckles – any!

Now your Humpty Dumpty is ready and you don’t need “all the King’s horses and all the King’s men” to put him together, because he is unbreakable! 🙂 (Please do not attend this craft with real pellet egg! 🙂 )

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