Peacock with spreaded tail


Craft supplies (for that you see on the picture, but you can improvise)

1 stiff glimmering felt (dark blue)

8 pom poms for ‘crown’

10 rainbow pom poms for tail

2 googly eyes

1 red triangle gemstone for beak (or just draw it)

Glitter glue pens – 3-4 different colors

Loaded glue gun

Piece of lace


Trace peacock on the right side of felt using white crayon or sharpy remnant of soap bar (template is HERE – coming! Editor)

Hotglue eyes, beak, pom poms on the crown and on the tail as you see on the picture

Draw head, body, wings, feet, crown, tail with different color glitter glue

Let it dry

Hotglue lace loop on the wrong side so you can hang it on the wall

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