Halloween bag for treats hunt!


This project involves sewing but still has decoration job too so we believe it’s a very exciting and uniting team-work!

Craft supplies

Felt – 2 orange and 3 black sheets (9×12″)

1 black glimmering felt

Black thread, needle (or sewing machine :))


Pair of huge wiggle eyes for pumpkin and pair of not-so-huge wiggle eyes for cat

1 tiny-tiny pink pom pom for cat’s nose

Fabric paint – orange and black


Set aside two whole felts – black and orange – for main sheets

Cut one black felt by length in three equal stripes (ours are 3×12″) – for sides and bottom

Cut 2 stripes 1.5×11″out of black felt and 2 out of orange felt (those are for hangers)

Cut 2 orange and 2 black 1.5×2″ pieces (to strengthen hangers, candies are heavy! 🙂 )

Using our templates cut out a CAT (glimmering felt) and PUMPKIN (orange felt)

Now starts sewing work 🙂 We recommend decorate sheets first. Sew a cat on the orange felt and pumpkin on the black felt (don’t forget to stitch the veins)

Hotglue eyes to both personages and nose to cat

Sew two of three stripes to sheets as side parts of your bag (to ‘3D’ it, you expect moooore candy, right? 🙂 )

Sew the bottom to sheets and sides using third part of three stripes, cut unnecessary length out (would be 3×3″)

Let’s make hangers: sew black and orange stripes together, there must be 2 hangers out of 2 stripes

Sew the hangers so as felt is between hanger’s end and strengthening pieces. If you sew rectangles by perimeter and then X-es inside, that’d feel firm 🙂

Now draw pumpkin’s nose and mouth with black fabric paint, add some specific words etc.

Tips: 1) Use glowing in the dark fabric markers to impart your bag more frightening effect (especially if you draw skulls and bones and other scary stuff Halloween dispose to 🙂 )

2) You can make your bag flat to avoid oversewing 🙂

Note: Description sounds more difficult than project presents itself 🙂

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