Paper bowl turtle


Craft supplies

Paper bowl

Paper plate (or just trace bowl on the cardboard – for ‘belly’)

Camel foam sheet – scraps


Black and red markers

2 wiggle eyes

Acrylic paint


Loaded glue gun or loaded stapler

Optional: anything for stuffing – might be crumpled paper pieces, jingle bells or beans – not too much and not too heavy – just to make your turtle resonant πŸ™‚


Trace the bowl by outer circle on the paper plate or cardboard

Cut it out grabbing a bit more so bottom part is a little smaller than top shell and won’t peep out πŸ™‚

Paint a “shell” with any color you like, let it dry

Trace a head, feet an tailΒ  out of foam sheet (have some extensions to be put inside πŸ™‚ )

Glue them to the top shell

Now, if you chose your turtle’d have stuffing, it’s time to put it inside!

Glue the bottom shell

Glue eyes

Draw eyelashes, nose, smile

Decorate the shell with paintings, rhinestones, stickers etc. – your choice!

Use it as paper weight, toy or just decoration πŸ™‚

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