Split pellet egg cuties magnets


Just 6 shown but you can make more and more and more!

Craft supplies

For each: wooden split pellet egg, 2 wiggly eyes (Easter egg excluded 🙂 ), round magnet, loaded glue gun, brush, scissors


Bumblebee – yellow and black acrylic paint, tulle scrap, thread


Hedgehog – silver acrylic paint, 3 black slim pipe cleaners, 1 black twinkle 0.5′ pompom for nose and 3 any suitable pompoms for “apples” on his back


Mouse – white acrylic paint, 1 red mini pompom for nose, white foam or felt scraps for ears, piece of white pipe cleaner for tail


Easter Bunny – pearl pink acrylic paint, 1 pink 10 mm pompom for nose, white slim pipe cleaner for whiskers, pink foam scraps for ears


Chick – yellow acrylic paint, 2 yellow 15 mm pompoms for wings, beige foam tiny-tiny scrap for beak, red foam tiny-tiny scrap for comb


Easter egg – pink and light blue acrylic paint, silver glitter glue pen, mini rhinestones (we used 13)



First, paint split egg with acrylic paint. If paint is not supposed to be plain, you might want to sketch design with pen in advance. Let dry the paint

Hotglue eyes, noses, ears, rhinestones – whatever your project has 🙂

For hedgehog – cut pipe cleaners in equal parts 1-1.5′ each, bend them like “V” – V-s sit tighter than I-s. Hotglue on the hedgehog body

For bumblebee – cut tulle approx. 2′ x 2′, tie up diagonally, hotglue on the back

For mouse – hotglue piece of white pipe cleaner UNDER the body, curve the end

For all: hotglue round magnet on the wrong side. Those guys on the blue background you can also use as home decorations (without magnets). More cuties coming!

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  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Too cute! These are great!

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