Magazine file made of cereal box

magazine file craftmagazine file craft

This is a great space organizer that costs almost nothing and reflects your personality! You can keep your homework there, just don’t forget to return it on time! 🙂

Craft supplies

Family size cereal box



Acrylic paint, brush

Embellishments by your choice (we had foam insects stickers for “girly” one and glowing-in-the-dark plastic stars and planets for boys one)

Glitter glue pen

Glue (if your embellishments are not self-adhesive)


Mark the box how high you want shorter part to be (we suggest it a bit lower than 1/2 height)

Draw a slide curve from the “hill” down on one side

Repeat on the other side

Cut it out

Paint it with any color you want (there could be two different colors on two sides, or rainbow or any other pattern)

Let it dry

Put the embellishments on, add some glamour look with glitter

Now it’s time to fill it and let it work! Enjoy!

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