Handprinted T-shirt

handprinted t-shirt craft

Craft supplies

Plain t-shirt

Posterboard, clothespins

Fabric paint

Your hands! 🙂


Put posterboard between t-shirt’s sheets (so fabric paint won’t print on the back side 🙂 ), secure with clothespins

Squeeze some fabric paint onto your palms and smear it as you would soap when you wash hands (but only palms this time 🙂 )

Now press your palms onto the front sheet of t-shirt (you may write your initial between prints, too, as you see on the picture)

Ask your sister/brother/mom do the same

This is going to be great gift for your Dad on Father’s day he will definitely adore and cherish! 🙂 You can also make such t-shirt for your grands but we’re afraid they would put it on the wall, not on themselves 🙂

Tips: let the smallest one be the first who leaves her/his prints. Improvise! You can make “hands flower” (your hands are petals), or sun, or rainbow… Or just arrange the prints in any design you want! Anything will work, that is YOUR project!

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