St.Patrick’s day bookmark

st patrick’s day bookmark

Craft supplies

Cardboard support from stickers (membranous stickers always have that so they won’t get bended) or just piece of cardboard

Hole puncher in case you use your own cardboard 🙂

Thematic St.Patrick’s day stickers

Glitter glue pencil

Slender ribbon or cord

Green and golden pony beads (or any beads)

2 bells

Loaded glue gun (optional, in case your cord doesn’t fit into bells’ loops)


Decorate bookmark with stickers and glitter glue (or cut bookmark out of cardboard, make a hole at the top and then decorate it)

Let the glitter glue dry

While it dries prepare the pendant: thread the beads on the ribbon or cord, thread the bells (we suggest using bells because they imitate gold’s peal leprechauns love so much! 🙂 )

Fold it in half, string the loop into the hole, string the ends into that loop – voila! Pendant securely fixed on the bookmark!

This is a great craft to have fun or to memorize your St.Patrick’s day (write a date on the wrong side!), or just give somebody as a gift!

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