St.Patrick’s leprechaun hat foam headband

saint patrick leprechaun foam hat headband

Craft supplies

1 green 11″x18″ foam sheet

Pen, scissors

Invisible tape

White glue, brush

Glitter – golden and green


Draw a headband with rectangle towered above (18′ is not enough for headband, so please draw extension on the same sheet, then tape it to main one)

Draw brim on the band and “ribbon” on the hat

“Paint” zones supposed to be green with white glue

Pour with green glitter, let the glue dry

Clear non-sticked glitter away

Paint the “ribbon” zone with glue again

Pour golden glitter, let the glue dry

Measure your head, adjust headband to fit

Celebrate St.Patrick’s! 🙂

Note: template is coming!

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