Marshmallow Leprechaun

marshmallow leprechaun craft

Ready to be cute centerpiece or treat to anybody 🙂

Craft supplies

3 Large (25x30mm) marshmallows from craft store

Green and black foam scraps


Bushy chenille scraps – beige and orange (or just orange)

Loaded glue gun

Green, black and golden acrylic paint, brush

Black fine marker

Golden chocolate coin(s)


Trace the bottom of 1 marshmallow on green foam

Trace it one more time, adding about 1/2″ around (for brim)

For hat, you can paint 1 marshmallow with matching paint, or just wrap foam around and glue the edges

Glue 1 small circle on the top and 1 bigger one on the bottom – that’s for hat

Draw black line around the hat, let dry, draw golden buckle

Glue frock coat around another marshmallow, glue the edges

Draw circle on the foam, add two “rays” by two opposite sides of the circle – connected hands and sleeves (total length of the sleeves must be longer than circumference of marshmallow)

Wrap the body of leprechaun with “hands”, glue the edges on the back

Glue 1 chocolate coin to hands

Trace body on black foam, add “ears” to that circle – that would be feet 🙂 Seriously, it looks like famous Mouse’s face 🙂

Glue it to the bottom, add golden clasps if you wish

Draw a face with fine black marker on spare marshmallow, glue orange beard (half of the head around) and beige (or orange) hair (around the head)

Glue all three parts together one on another. Explaining how to do it takes longer than real making does 🙂

Now you have very cute centerpiece or gift to give someone! Enjoy St.Patrick’s day!

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  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Too cute! Thanks!

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