Easy-to-do charms, brooches, ornaments or magnets for St.Patrick’s

st patrick’s day foam charms ornaments brooches magnets craft

Craft supplies

Foam scraps

White glue

Glitter – green and golden

For leprechaun – 3″ straw hat, piece of curly chenille stem (orange or white + acrylic paint and brush), pair of wiggle eyes, black permanent marker

Loaded glue gun

For ornaments – piece of ribbon or cord, for magnets – round magnets, for charms – just hot glue to necklace, for brooches – brooches pins


Using our templates here cut out the shapes you need

Clover leaves and gold pot – paint with white glue and pour glitter, let dry (tip: always let dry 1-st color before pouring second so they won’t get mixed. For example, clover leaf with golden edging – do green first, leaving some space for golden, let it dry completely, then “paint with glue the edge, pour the gold glitter, let dry again)

leprechaun face straw hat foam craft

Leprechaun head: glue the hat over the brim, glue the beard over another part of the brim, leaving the “face” popping out. Glue the eyes, draw nose and smile with marker

Now glue ribbon loops, magnets or brooches pins to make what you want them to be 🙂

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