Easter bunny made of paper roll

easter bunny paper roll craft

This cute guy definitely won’t leave you with no smile 🙂 Or few smiles 🙂 🙂 🙂 Give him a plastic egg with chocolate inside, or pencil as you see on pictures, or flag, or even chopsticks… he always has a job! 🙂

Craft supplies

Toilet paper roll

White (or pink?) acrylic paint, brush

White (or pink?) curly chenilles for ears, regular white chenilles for “hands”


White (or pink?) foam scrap for feet

Two wiggle eyes

Pink pompom for nose

White slim chenilles for whiskers

Black marker for eyebrows and red for mouth

Loaded glue gun


Trace the bottom of paper roll on white foam, add two round “ears” to that circle, cut out (these are feet), set aside

Paint the paper roll white, let it dry

Make two loops with curly chenilles, hotglue it inside the roll at the top

Hotglue eyes, nose, whiskers

Cut white regular chenille in half

Bend one half in half 🙂 and start twisting, leaving small loop from one side (so your bunny has “palms” to hold something in his hands). Repeat with another hand

Glue hands to the sides of bunny’s body

easter bunny paper roll pen craft

Hotglue feet to the bottom of the roll (now he has bottom you can put some surprise inside 🙂 or, he can also be desk organizer 🙂 )

Draw eyelashes, eyebrows, mouth

Voila! It’s been less that half an hour and you have this pretty multifunctional bunny, which doesn’t have batteries inside but keeps working and working and working 🙂

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