Spring (Easter) flowers with chocolate

This is really easy and quickly-to-do craft yet very cute and touchy 🙂

spring easter flowers chocolate craft pot

Craft supplies (for 1)

Foam scraps

Pen, scissors

Green chenille stem

Chocolate egg

Loaded glue gun

Flower pot from craft store (optional)


Draw and cut out flower shape (note: flowers you see on the picture made by kids with no any template 🙂 )

Add a center (small circle)

Hotglue chocolate egg (in a wrapper!) in the center that way, so when you remove chocolate you don’t have rip it out of flower

Twist the end of chenille stem in snail shape, glue it to the wrong side of flower (“snail” twist holds them together better)

Bend chenille where the leaf supposed to be, curl it toward the stem, twist to secure

Can you imagine that? You’re done 🙂

spring easter flowers chocolate center

Note: since chocolate is heavy regular chenille stem doesn’t hold it vertically, so we recommend using flower pot (from craft store, decorate by your taste), or just lie it on the table

Tip: when chocolate is gone 🙂 , crumple the wrap so flower still have pretty foily “head” and Holiday memory 🙂 And chenille now holds it vertically! 🙂


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