Bride doll puppet


Craft supplies

1″ wooden bead

2 toothpicks

1 regular size craft stick

Curly chenille stem (pick color of your bride’s hair)

Regular chenille (skin color you like your bride to be)

Acrylic paint to color her face (choose the color), paintbrush

Flowers (from wedding section in the craft store)

Loaded glue gun

Fine permanent markers – black and red


White tulle for veil

White glimmering felt for dress

White thread, needle

Some “pearl” beads

White sparkling cord for waistband



Hotglue toothpicks on both sides of craft stick (by length), leaving about 1″ out

Put some hot glue on prominent ends of toothpicks, string the bead on them (that’s the way her head holds tight on her body)

Cover her hair zone with hot glue, stick the hair (start “wrapping” her head with curly chenille, continue to center, cut excessed ends)

Draw eyes, nose, lips with fine markers

Cut out tulle – any length you like veil to be (rectangular prism)

Pull together upper edge of the veil, fasten with thread

Hotglue the veil on the head, decorate with flowers

Tie “hands” (chenille) to the “body” (craft stick)

Lay your undone doll on white felt, trace her forming dress. Remember to trace her “fatter” than she really is because you need to sew to halves together. Cut first half out, trace it again, cut it out

Put two halves of the dress on your bride and start sewing from the shoulders

Belt your bride

She is ready to get married! Teach her “I do!” phrase 🙂

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