Wooden movable caterpillar


Craft supplies (for 1)

8 wooden beads

2 wiggle eyes

White twinkle pipe cleaner


Acrylic paint (it may be 1 or 8 colors, depends on you), paintbrush

1 small 2-holed button


1 wooden bead (or any other bead, or could be just small pipe cleaner ring)

Craft glue or loaded glue gun


Color the beads, let them dry

While they dry out, make chenille rings – very small, to string them between beads so your caterpillar can curve

Hotglue eyes to the “head” bead

Thread the cord through button’s holes, tie a knot

Start stringing beads, alternating with chenille rings

At the end (tale) of your caterpillar just string small bead, tie the end

Ready to play!

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