Picture frame made of craft sticks


This easy-to-do yet charming piece will catch your attention in a click. You can hang it on the wall or stick to fridge – any way works!

Craft supplies

4 jumbo pre-colored craft sticks

Embellishments – we used gemstones and mini pompoms

Picture (what is frame with nothing to be framed?)

School glue

Loaded glue gun

Piece of thread or couple magnets


Hotglue craft sticks together to form a frame

Decorate it with embellishments you chose

Glue the picture from the wrong side of frame with school glue, let it dry

Hotglue thread loop or magnets onto wrong side of the frame

Display and let your attention be caught! 🙂 This is cool thing to have for yourself or gift to anybody you want to see your picture while you’re not there! 🙂

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