Yarn picture


Express your individuality by creating this attractive uncommon thing 🙂

Originally they use special wax to stick the yarn on the picture. We suggest using white glue as more handy one. But of course, if you have that wax that would even be better!

Craft supplies

Cardboard or plywood piece

Yarn – as many colors as you plan to use in your artwork (we used 4: camel, yellow, blue, blue lagoon)


White glue




Draw design that you want on cardboard or plywood piece

Spread the glue on one zone you wish to start with

Start laying yarn onto that zone (move from outer edge to the center), adjusting it with toothpick

Follow up with other zones

Tips: 1) do not cover with glue all the picture at once because glue will be dry before you get there. Only do one zone at a time; 2) lay the yarn starting from outer edge so if you have two loose ends of the yarn you have it inside the figure and can neatly secure them; 3) you may want to spray the picture with sealer so it won’t collect the dust 🙂

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