Recycle monster – celebrate Earth day every day!


Children learn quick and easy by fun! Create this 5-minute craft and watch them feeding monster with laugh 🙂

Craft supplies

2 paper grocery bags

Invisible tape




Draw on 1 paper bag eyes, nose and huuuuuuuuuge open mouth (considering bottom of the bag as top of the head)

Cut out mouth so you have huuuuuuge opening 🙂

Write “Feed me!” on another paper bag

Wear top over the bottom and tape

Put the monster in the kitchen and don’t forget to feed him regularly! 🙂

Tip: you can make “plastic” monster by adding eyes on the side of plastic trash bag. Pull the top a little bit so you have wide open, but not_so_wide_open mouth. Put some plastic bottles inside so it’s not lying flat and as an example. Earth day actually is every day, but this special holiday in April is just perfect reminder for us to keep our planet clean and breathing! 🙂

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