Gift bag made of cereal box


Craft supplies

Cereal box

Glass (just to trace)

Pen, scissors

Acrylic paint, brush

Embellishments: ribbon, stickers etc.

Optional: pictures from magazines, tacky glue, acrylic sealer



Trace a glass’ bottom on the top parts of cereal box (in the middle of each side)

Draw a waves from the top to the sides

Cut it out as you see on the picture

Now you can choose how you decorate you bag – you can paint it and write some words or, you can glue different pictures from magazine all over your bag, let the glue dry and then cover it with sealer so it has finished glossy look

Tie a ribbon around the hanger, make a bow

It’s ready for something be put inside it! Happy Mother’s day! Or any other Holiday you made it for!

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