Sunflower with REAL seeds in the pot


Craft supplies

Sunflower seeds


Yellow foam scrap

Clear plastic wrap

Pen, black marker


Loaded glue gun (just 1 drop of hot glue will be needed)

2 green chenille stems

1 hard wire to hold sunflower head upright 🙂

1 small flower pot from craft store (or you can use just yogurt cup + decorations)

Styrofoam ball that fit into flower pot



Trace a bottom of flower pot on yellow foam

Draw petals around this circle

Cut it out

Trace the flower on the foam again

Cut the center out

Trace the top of flower pot on clear plastic wrap, repeat again (you have 2 circles), cut them out

Place the seeds between two plastic circles, tape the edges neatly

Put the “heart” between two yellow foamy petal crowns, glue them all together

Twist two green chenilles around hard wire, in the middle of stem make two loops – leaves

Stick the stem into the styrofoam ball, fix the ball into the pot. Isn’t it beautiful? You must be very proud of your work, have all the rights to do so! 🙂

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