ABC book for Mom on Mother’s day!

It’s easy and fun to create this book that won’t have duplicate all over the world! Using pictures from magazines, your own pictures, stickers, crayons or markers, and your imagination, of course, you’ll create something your Mom will cherish for years!


Craft supplies

Printer paper

Loaded stapler

Old magazines (preferably your Mom’s favorite ones, make sure she does not need them anymore)

Your pictures

Markers, crayons, stickers


Fold the papers (13-14 pages) in half, staple on the bend side

Decorate the cover: you can write “ABC book for Mom” or “For my Mom on Mother’s day 2008” or any else you consider best. Add some stickers, your faces (cut out of your pictures) plus add pictured body (that’s funnier) and cutout from magazines (what your Mom likes best? Perfume? Fruits? Shoes? Jewelry?)

Open the book and follow up with alphabet pages. Here are examples that can inspire you:

A – Apple – Mom, Thanks for packig my favorite Apples for lunch! (Glue pictures or draw apples)

B – Bike – You always comforted me when I fell off the bike and I felt so much better!

C – Call, Cell – When I grow up, I’ll always remember to call you every day!

D – Dinosaurs – Thanks for T-shirt with Rex – that was my favorite!

E – Earl Grey – I know it’s your favorite tea!

F – Flowers – I know you love them. Here is the picture but I also have real ones for you, too!

G – Gym – You are always so sporty, Mom! I adore you.

H – Hellium – remember those funny voices? Ha-ha…

I – Ice-cream sundae – yours is always the best!

J – June – that’s when your Birthday is 🙂

K – Kwanzan cherry – It’s amazing while blooming, I enjoy it too!

L – Love – I Love you so much, MOM!!!

M – Mom – The first and the most important word in our lives!

N – Nutrition – You always care about food we eat, and you are the best cook EVER!

O – Open – Our house is always open for guests and I loooooove it!

P – Plush – that’s how soft your hands are 🙂

Q – Quaker ladies – See! I can now spell your favorite flowers!

R – Red – I know that’s your favorite color!

S – Sun – It becomes sunny around when I see you!

T – Turtle – Let’s have one as a pet in the next month? Please? 🙂

U – Umbrella – Here is your passion! There are never too many of them 🙂 Purple with faces is my favorite!

V – Volcano – I will never forget our travel to Hawaii!

W – Watermelon – You’ve always been so patient about watermelon juice all over my face and head after I ate it. Thanks!

X – X-chromosome – Yeah… I know that stuff too 🙂

Y – Yacht – That’s dream!!!

Z – Zero – Zero pounds I wish you to gain after any Holiday! Happy Mother’s day, MOM!!!

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