Clay bouquet in yogurt cup vase


Craft supplies

For flowers: air dry clay (we used red, orange and purple for petals and green for receptacle (green cup around bottom of the flower crown)

Green chenille stems

For vase: yogurt cup

Acrylic paint, brush



Marbles or pebbles or anything heavy to put inside the cup (to make the vase stable)



First, mold the roses. Make “sausage”, flatten, roll. Make six petals – take small clay balls, flatten, pinch on one side, connect around the crown

To make a receptacle (cup), make a ball, flatten it into a pancake

Pierce chenille stem in the middle of “pancake”, put on the rose, adjust a cup

Put the roses in the glass or cup to dry, meanwhile prepare a vase:

Paint yogurt cup, let it dry

Decorate it with stickers, gems, sequins, or draw anything you want with permanent markers

Tie a ribbon around

Fill the cup with something heavy – marbles, pebbles or coins

Put the roses into a new vase

Present to somebody who’ll definitely love it!


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  1. grace Says:

    i like it, its very simple…i’ll be doing this at home…tnx for the idea.

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