Needle pillow for Mom


No needle lost since there is pillow to the rescue! Your Mom will definitely be impressed with such serious gift! But maybe you’ll need adult’s help making it.

Craft supplies

Felt – pink, white and blue


Needle, thread (or loaded glue gun, if you can’t sew yet – adult’s help needed!)

Stuffing – you can use cotton balls or polyester batting

Fabric paint (optional)


Cut out 2 squares approximately 3×3″, round the corners off

Cut out stripe about 1.5″ wide and 10″ length (exact length depends on how you sew pieces together, so allow a bit more and then cut excess off)

Cut the flowers out – we used two layers of petals and center

Sew the flowers to the top of the pillow (just make one cross-stitch through all three layers in the center)

Start sewing the side part around the top. As two ends of the stripe meet, adjust them and sew together

Insert your stuffing into that “box”


Cover with another felt square and sew it over

If you can’t sew, just hotglue all the parts together

You can write with fabric paint on the side: Super Mom! Or #1 Mom! Or any sweet words you come up with 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!

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