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Napkin rings – easy and fabulous!

Sunday, February 10th, 2008


Craft supplies

As you see, they are all different. One unchangeable component is 1/3 of paper roll. So for 6 count set you’ll need only two toilet paper rolls!

Craft knife or any other sharp knife (adult’s work!)

Then, as you see on the picture above from left to right: 1) ribbon with bamboo leaves, hot glue; 2) blue acrylic paint, brush, gemstones – flowers, butterflies etc.; 3) kitchen foil, gemstones; 4) Semitransparent glimmer ribbon, hot glue; 5) red satin ribbon with chicks, hot glue

One on the red background (good for Christmas): 15 mini craft sticks, golden acrylic paint, brush, hot glue, about 16 glass stones (for zig-zag design)


One on the black background: blue ribbon, hot glue, light-yellow ribbon


One with beans (good for Thanksgiving day): large Lima beans, roman beans, red kidney beans, black beans, pink beans, yellow split peas, hot glue, acrylic sealer (optional)



Cut paper roll into three pieces by width

For ribbon: just wrap it over and under and glue the ends inside ring

For paint: paint it over (inside, too), let dry, hotglue embellishments

For foil: wrap the ring with foil, glue gemstones. Gosh it’s fast! 🙂

For craft sticks: hotglue all sticks around the ring, paint, let dry, decorate with glass stones (use hot glue)

For beans: just glue them all over the ring in any design you want. Varnish (optional).

Use rings yourself or present somebody. Handmade is always touching and moving!

Melted crayon shapes – hearts, christmas trees, bells, gingerbread men, butterflies etc.

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Craft supplies


Cookie cutters (metallic ones!)

Kitchen foil


String (optional)


Remove paper from the crayons

Plane or grate crayons

Wrap cookie cutters with foil so it has secured bottom

Fill the forms with crayon scobs

Put in pre-heated oven

Watch them melt

Take them out, let cool

Remove from the cutters

You can still draw with them! Or gift to somebody! Or use them as ornaments!

Tips: 1) If you want to add some elements such as sequins or gemstones or hangers, do it when it’s almost cool but still soft. If you do earlier your embellishments may sink 🙂

2) Use bright colors crayons. Dark colors interflow and all look the same “some dark color” at the end.

3) Do not use too high temperature so colors do not mix up but form beautiful wash-out 🙂