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Easy-to-do charms, brooches, ornaments or magnets for St.Patrick’s

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

st patrick’s day foam charms ornaments brooches magnets craft

Craft supplies

Foam scraps

White glue

Glitter – green and golden

For leprechaun – 3″ straw hat, piece of curly chenille stem (orange or white + acrylic paint and brush), pair of wiggle eyes, black permanent marker

Loaded glue gun

For ornaments – piece of ribbon or cord, for magnets – round magnets, for charms – just hot glue to necklace, for brooches – brooches pins


Using our templates here cut out the shapes you need

Clover leaves and gold pot – paint with white glue and pour glitter, let dry (tip: always let dry 1-st color before pouring second so they won’t get mixed. For example, clover leaf with golden edging – do green first, leaving some space for golden, let it dry completely, then “paint with glue the edge, pour the gold glitter, let dry again)

leprechaun face straw hat foam craft

Leprechaun head: glue the hat over the brim, glue the beard over another part of the brim, leaving the “face” popping out. Glue the eyes, draw nose and smile with marker

Now glue ribbon loops, magnets or brooches pins to make what you want them to be 🙂

Leprechaun hat full of gold

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

leprechaun hat paper roll foam craft

Craft supplies (“gold” not included 🙂 )

Paper roll

Green foam scraps



Loaded glue gun

Black acrylic paint, brush

Golden glitter glue pen


Cut paper roll by length about 1.5-2″

Wrap this piece around with green foam, glue the edges neatly

Trace wrapped piece twice – once for the top of the hat, second for the brim (allow up to 1″ for the brim, it will look like ring that you put on the hat)

Glue the top and the brim to the main hat

Draw a black “ribbon” around the hat, let it dry, add golden “clasp”

Fill the hat with golden chocolate coins and that would be wonderful centerpiece for your table or fantastic giveaway at St.Patrick’s day! Yum!

Marshmallow Leprechaun

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

marshmallow leprechaun craft

Ready to be cute centerpiece or treat to anybody 🙂

Craft supplies

3 Large (25x30mm) marshmallows from craft store

Green and black foam scraps


Bushy chenille scraps – beige and orange (or just orange)

Loaded glue gun

Green, black and golden acrylic paint, brush

Black fine marker

Golden chocolate coin(s)


Trace the bottom of 1 marshmallow on green foam

Trace it one more time, adding about 1/2″ around (for brim)

For hat, you can paint 1 marshmallow with matching paint, or just wrap foam around and glue the edges

Glue 1 small circle on the top and 1 bigger one on the bottom – that’s for hat

Draw black line around the hat, let dry, draw golden buckle

Glue frock coat around another marshmallow, glue the edges

Draw circle on the foam, add two “rays” by two opposite sides of the circle – connected hands and sleeves (total length of the sleeves must be longer than circumference of marshmallow)

Wrap the body of leprechaun with “hands”, glue the edges on the back

Glue 1 chocolate coin to hands

Trace body on black foam, add “ears” to that circle – that would be feet 🙂 Seriously, it looks like famous Mouse’s face 🙂

Glue it to the bottom, add golden clasps if you wish

Draw a face with fine black marker on spare marshmallow, glue orange beard (half of the head around) and beige (or orange) hair (around the head)

Glue all three parts together one on another. Explaining how to do it takes longer than real making does 🙂

Now you have very cute centerpiece or gift to give someone! Enjoy St.Patrick’s day!

St.Patrick’s day foam bracelet

Monday, February 18th, 2008


Craft supplies

Green foam scraps

Clover leaf template, cardboard scrap



“Golden” pony beads (we used 20)


Elastic line


Print a template and trace it onto the foam about 20 times (well we used 20 but quantity depends on your wrist measure)

Thread alternating beads and foamy clovers

When you are done (make sure bracelet fits), tie the ends tight

Now you have something green to wear on St.Patrick’s! 🙂


St.Patrick’s day bookmark

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

st patrick’s day bookmark

Craft supplies

Cardboard support from stickers (membranous stickers always have that so they won’t get bended) or just piece of cardboard

Hole puncher in case you use your own cardboard 🙂

Thematic St.Patrick’s day stickers

Glitter glue pencil

Slender ribbon or cord

Green and golden pony beads (or any beads)

2 bells

Loaded glue gun (optional, in case your cord doesn’t fit into bells’ loops)


Decorate bookmark with stickers and glitter glue (or cut bookmark out of cardboard, make a hole at the top and then decorate it)

Let the glitter glue dry

While it dries prepare the pendant: thread the beads on the ribbon or cord, thread the bells (we suggest using bells because they imitate gold’s peal leprechauns love so much! 🙂 )

Fold it in half, string the loop into the hole, string the ends into that loop – voila! Pendant securely fixed on the bookmark!

This is a great craft to have fun or to memorize your St.Patrick’s day (write a date on the wrong side!), or just give somebody as a gift!

St.Patrick’s leprechaun hat foam headband

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

saint patrick leprechaun foam hat headband

Craft supplies

1 green 11″x18″ foam sheet

Pen, scissors

Invisible tape

White glue, brush

Glitter – golden and green


Draw a headband with rectangle towered above (18′ is not enough for headband, so please draw extension on the same sheet, then tape it to main one)

Draw brim on the band and “ribbon” on the hat

“Paint” zones supposed to be green with white glue

Pour with green glitter, let the glue dry

Clear non-sticked glitter away

Paint the “ribbon” zone with glue again

Pour golden glitter, let the glue dry

Measure your head, adjust headband to fit

Celebrate St.Patrick’s! 🙂

Note: template is coming!