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Clay bouquet in yogurt cup vase

Thursday, May 1st, 2008


Picture frame made of craft sticks

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008


This easy-to-do yet charming piece will catch your attention in a click. You can hang it on the wall or stick to fridge – any way works!

Postcards or valentines collector

Sunday, April 6th, 2008


Craft supplies

Shoe box

Craft knife

Acrylic paint, brush


Embellishments – pom-poms, mini mirrors, gemstones, stickers etc.

Glitter glue – gold

Loaded glue gun


Cut an opening in shoe box’ lid

Paint the box and the lid with your favorite color (we used red), let it dry

Glue the ribbon by the edges of the opening so it’s nice and neat

Decorate your box with any embellishments you like more

Write your name or “For Mom” or “For Grandpa” or anything you wish on the box or the lid

Display and fill with cards!

Cardboard house with picture

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

This craft is soooooo suitable for any occasion. First, you can do it for yourself as picture display. Second-third-fourth and so, you can make it Mother’s day gift, Father’s day gift, Grandparents’ day gift or Valentine’s day gift: just add corresponding words or embellishments! πŸ™‚

Craft supplies

Cardboard house from craft store

Acrylic paint – we chose pearl-pink and light purple, paintbrush

Picture with your happy face πŸ™‚ Or two-three-four happy faces

Couple wooden stars from craft store




School glue

Optional: stickers, markers


Paint the house any way you like it, let it dry

Paint stars with glue, sprinkle with glitter, let the glue dry

Glue the stars to the “roof” part of the house

Choose a picture that you can crop to make a “door” with it

Glue it to the house

Frame picture with ribbon

Tip: instead of stars, you can add “window” in the attic, too πŸ™‚ If you make this craft for Valentine’s day, add some hearts stickers and write loving words! πŸ™‚

Handprinted T-shirt

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

handprinted t-shirt craft

Craft supplies

Plain t-shirt

Posterboard, clothespins

Fabric paint

Your hands! πŸ™‚


Put posterboard between t-shirt’s sheets (so fabric paint won’t print on the back side πŸ™‚ ), secure with clothespins

Squeeze some fabric paint onto your palms and smear it as you would soap when you wash hands (but only palms this time πŸ™‚ )

Now press your palms onto the front sheet of t-shirt (you may write your initial between prints, too, as you see on the picture)

Ask your sister/brother/mom do the same

This is going to be great gift for your Dad on Father’s day he will definitely adore and cherish! πŸ™‚ You can also make such t-shirt for your grands but we’re afraid they would put it on the wall, not on themselves πŸ™‚

Tips: let the smallest one be the first who leaves her/his prints. Improvise! You can make “hands flower” (your hands are petals), or sun, or rainbow… Or just arrange the prints in any design you want! Anything will work, that is YOUR project!

Wooden tea box

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

wooden tea box craft

Craft supplies

Unfinished wooden box with tip-up lid from craft store (make sure two raws of tea bags settle)

Acrylic paint, brush

Varnish (optional, but since this box will be living in the kitchen… we better protect it from liquids, oils and dust πŸ™‚ )

Air dry clay matching with paint (or just color it with the same paint)

Embellishments (we used wooden cutouts and miniature rhinestones)


Paint the box with the paint you chose, let it dry

Varnish, let it dry (attention: better do it outside or in well-ventilated facility)

Affix the clay to inner surface of the lid (we suppose the lid will be always opened)

Press the embellishments in the clay

Let the clay dry

Fill with tea bags! Enjoy your finished project or give it to your mom or granny or anyone you love so they enjoy it and boast of it! πŸ™‚

“You are my heart of gold” ornament

Friday, February 15th, 2008


Craft supplies

1 red puffy chenille stem (pipe cleaner)

19 “golden” pony beads (you can have 1 or 30 – it’s up to you)

Golden cord


String the beads on the chenille stem

Form a heart shape out of stem

Arrange beads on the heart in any positions you like

Tie a cordΒ  up

Hang on display. Doesn’t have to be Valentine’s day. Love and appreciation live daily!

Melted crayon shapes – hearts, christmas trees, bells, gingerbread men, butterflies etc.

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Craft supplies


Cookie cutters (metallic ones!)

Kitchen foil


String (optional)


Remove paper from the crayons

Plane or grate crayons

Wrap cookie cutters with foil so it has secured bottom

Fill the forms with crayon scobs

Put in pre-heated oven

Watch them melt

Take them out, let cool

Remove from the cutters

You can still draw with them! Or gift to somebody! Or use them as ornaments!

Tips: 1) If you want to add some elements such as sequins or gemstones or hangers, do it when it’s almost cool but still soft. If you do earlier your embellishments may sink πŸ™‚

2) Use bright colors crayons. Dark colors interflow and all look the same “some dark color” at the end.

3) Do not use too high temperature so colors do not mix up but form beautiful wash-out πŸ™‚

Decorated shells

Saturday, February 9th, 2008


You can give it to your Mom on Mothers’ day or any regular day, she can put it on her bedside table and this cute “palm” will keep her ring, necklace, earrings or cell phone while she’s asleep. Or, use it just as loose change keeper! πŸ™‚


Craft supplies (for one)

1 big shell

Acrylic paint, brush

Glitter glue pen or chunky glitter glue, or just glitter, stickers – your choice!

Acrylic sealer – optional


Wash and dry the shell

Paint the inner part, let it dry

Decorate with glitter, glitter glue, stickers… Draw or stick some hearts on the shell and you have Valentine’s Day gift!

Gift it to your mom, or granny, or friend – it’ll remind them of you every time they use it!


Decorated paper plates

Friday, February 8th, 2008

Butterfly, flower, heart, pear, whale – and anything else you wish. Just mold it with air dry clay, add elements, stick on the paper plate and it’s ready to display or gift (just allow to dry πŸ™‚



Craft supplies (for each)

Yellow paper plate

Air dry clay (different colors, see pictures)

Googly eyes (2 for each, 1 for whale)

Chenilles (pipe cleaners): butterfly – gold, flower and pear – green, heart – pink or red, whale – blue or purple

Gemstones and glitter glue to decorate

Pipe cleaner loop on the back side to hang on the wall – attach with hot glue

Have you created your own personage? Let us know! πŸ™‚