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Needle pillow for Mom

Friday, May 9th, 2008


No needle lost since there is pillow to the rescue! Your Mom will definitely be impressed with such serious gift! But maybe you’ll need adult’s help making it.


Cell phone rug for Mom

Thursday, May 1st, 2008


If your Mom uses her cell phone as alarm clock, she will definitely appreciate this rug so in the early morning vibe and ring sound softer 🙂


Bride doll puppet

Saturday, April 5th, 2008


Craft supplies

1″ wooden bead

2 toothpicks

1 regular size craft stick

Curly chenille stem (pick color of your bride’s hair)

Regular chenille (skin color you like your bride to be)

Acrylic paint to color her face (choose the color), paintbrush

Flowers (from wedding section in the craft store)

Loaded glue gun

Fine permanent markers – black and red


White tulle for veil

White glimmering felt for dress

White thread, needle

Some “pearl” beads

White sparkling cord for waistband



Hotglue toothpicks on both sides of craft stick (by length), leaving about 1″ out

Put some hot glue on prominent ends of toothpicks, string the bead on them (that’s the way her head holds tight on her body)

Cover her hair zone with hot glue, stick the hair (start “wrapping” her head with curly chenille, continue to center, cut excessed ends)

Draw eyes, nose, lips with fine markers

Cut out tulle – any length you like veil to be (rectangular prism)

Pull together upper edge of the veil, fasten with thread

Hotglue the veil on the head, decorate with flowers

Tie “hands” (chenille) to the “body” (craft stick)

Lay your undone doll on white felt, trace her forming dress. Remember to trace her “fatter” than she really is because you need to sew to halves together. Cut first half out, trace it again, cut it out

Put two halves of the dress on your bride and start sewing from the shoulders

Belt your bride

She is ready to get married! Teach her “I do!” phrase 🙂

Halloween bag for treats hunt!

Sunday, February 10th, 2008


This project involves sewing but still has decoration job too so we believe it’s a very exciting and uniting team-work!

Craft supplies

Felt – 2 orange and 3 black sheets (9×12″)

1 black glimmering felt

Black thread, needle (or sewing machine :))


Pair of huge wiggle eyes for pumpkin and pair of not-so-huge wiggle eyes for cat

1 tiny-tiny pink pom pom for cat’s nose

Fabric paint – orange and black


Set aside two whole felts – black and orange – for main sheets

Cut one black felt by length in three equal stripes (ours are 3×12″) – for sides and bottom

Cut 2 stripes 1.5×11″out of black felt and 2 out of orange felt (those are for hangers)

Cut 2 orange and 2 black 1.5×2″ pieces (to strengthen hangers, candies are heavy! 🙂 )

Using our templates cut out a CAT (glimmering felt) and PUMPKIN (orange felt)

Now starts sewing work 🙂 We recommend decorate sheets first. Sew a cat on the orange felt and pumpkin on the black felt (don’t forget to stitch the veins)

Hotglue eyes to both personages and nose to cat

Sew two of three stripes to sheets as side parts of your bag (to ‘3D’ it, you expect moooore candy, right? 🙂 )

Sew the bottom to sheets and sides using third part of three stripes, cut unnecessary length out (would be 3×3″)

Let’s make hangers: sew black and orange stripes together, there must be 2 hangers out of 2 stripes

Sew the hangers so as felt is between hanger’s end and strengthening pieces. If you sew rectangles by perimeter and then X-es inside, that’d feel firm 🙂

Now draw pumpkin’s nose and mouth with black fabric paint, add some specific words etc.

Tips: 1) Use glowing in the dark fabric markers to impart your bag more frightening effect (especially if you draw skulls and bones and other scary stuff Halloween dispose to 🙂 )

2) You can make your bag flat to avoid oversewing 🙂

Note: Description sounds more difficult than project presents itself 🙂

Felt gloves (mittens) to warm someone’s heart when you’re far away

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

gloves-felt-craft gloves-felt-craft

Craft supplies

Stiff felt (or cardboard + glue + regular felt)

Your hands 🙂



Hole puncher

Glitter glue, gemstones, pom poms – whatever you want to decorate your gloves with

Craft glue or loaded glue gun



Trace your hands on the felt

Cut them out

Make the holes on the wrist zone of your gloves

Thread a ribbon through, tie up the ends

Decorate your gloves by your own taste – you can use glitter glue, pom poms, gemstones, ribbon, beads… what else? Have fun and be creative!

Now you can gift it to your beloved ones, so sometimes when they miss you they could clasp your gloves to their cheeks and feel warmth and relieve. Or, you can leave gloves for yourself and compare your hands to them periodically and see how fast you grow! Whoosh! Who knew!

Peacock with spreaded tail

Saturday, February 9th, 2008


Craft supplies (for that you see on the picture, but you can improvise)

1 stiff glimmering felt (dark blue)

8 pom poms for ‘crown’

10 rainbow pom poms for tail

2 googly eyes

1 red triangle gemstone for beak (or just draw it)

Glitter glue pens – 3-4 different colors

Loaded glue gun

Piece of lace


Trace peacock on the right side of felt using white crayon or sharpy remnant of soap bar (template is HERE – coming! Editor)

Hotglue eyes, beak, pom poms on the crown and on the tail as you see on the picture

Draw head, body, wings, feet, crown, tail with different color glitter glue

Let it dry

Hotglue lace loop on the wrong side so you can hang it on the wall