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Hatty-foamy octopus (-es)

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008


Craft supplies (for 1)

1 straw 4′ hat from craft store
Acrylyc paint
1 foam sheet
Loaded glue gun
2 googly eyes
1 cut of red chenille (pipe cleaner)
Glitter glue pen (optional)


Put the hat in the middle of foam sheet and draw 8 legs around it
Paint the hat that color what the sheet is
While it dries, cut out the octopus’ body
Glue the hat (supposed to be head 🙂 ) in the middle of body
Glue eyes, mouth, decorate legs with glitter
To hang your ocean friend on the wall, glue a hoop on the wrong side of body, or just use 2-sided tape
Enjoy your art piece!

Very friendly and jolly ghosts

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

ghost foam craft

Some ghosts don’t have to be scary, especially if they ‘scare’ very little ones

Craft supplies

White foam sheet(s)

2 googly eyes for one or 4 for couple 🙂


Hole punchers (Halloween-theme shaped, or any you have :))

Glitter glue (tame one, it’s still sparky)



Rhinestones (sticky /or regular ones +glue)

Optional: yarn pieces, if you want add some glamour to your female ghost 🙂

Time needed: 30 minutes, more or less


Outline your ghost(s) on a foam sheet (you can use own imagination or our pattern here)

Make one hole on the top of the head – for hanger, bow or hair

Make more holes down the skirt(s) – yes, both girls and boys ghosts wear canopies (wait a minute… or they are canopies themselves?)

Glue the eyes

Draw eyelashes, nose, mouth

Stick rhinestones wherever you want – by the dress, or put some in their hands

Put hanger, or ribbon (tie a bow), or yarn pieces (as hair) through a top hole

Decorate with glitter glue to add more shine 🙂 Voila!