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Keepsake jewelry box made of cream jar

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Great gift for Mother’s day!


Picture frame made of craft sticks

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008


This easy-to-do yet charming piece will catch your attention in a click. You can hang it on the wall or stick to fridge – any way works!

Just hatched! Chick in the Easter basket

Friday, March 21st, 2008

easter pompom chick just hatched in basket

Craft supplies

Pompom chick (instructions HERE)

Little basket from craft store

Paper Easter grass

Egg shell (natural 🙂 ), broken in two, washed, dried

Chocolate (chocolate it is! There is no options when it’s Easter! 🙂 )


Fill the basket with paper grass

Put the chick inside the shell, wear smaller part of shell on his head (you might want to glue it)

Put the egg inside the basket

Add chocolate around

Decorate your holiday table or just give this piece to anybody on Easter! It’s just irresistible, “aaawww” is guaranteed! 🙂

Enjoy your Holiday!

Easter pompom buddies – Chick and Bunny

Friday, March 21st, 2008

easter pompom buddies chick bunny craft

Those are so simple that very small ones can make them (well, except for operating glue gun, of course)

Craft supplies

Pompoms – big for the body and smaller for the head (same thing as with snowmen 🙂 ) – for each

Couple wiggle eyes – for each

Two small yellow pompoms for chick’s wings and one small pink pompom for bunny’s tail

Small white pompom for bunny’s nose

Red foam scraps for chick’s comb and beak and for bunny’s mouth

Chenille stems – yellow for chick’s 2 feet and pink for bunny’s ears and 4 feet

Slim white chenille stem for bunny’s whiskers

Loaded glue gun


Just connect all the supplies together as you see on the picture 🙂 First, you glue together head and body and then attach all the “details”. Don’t forget to check how your pet stands on his feet before gluing them (tip: try to glue them underneath the whole bottom so it’s stable). You don’t see bunny’s tail here on the picture… Just believe us it’s there 🙂

Hoppy and clucky Easter!

Peacock with spreaded tail

Saturday, February 9th, 2008


Craft supplies (for that you see on the picture, but you can improvise)

1 stiff glimmering felt (dark blue)

8 pom poms for ‘crown’

10 rainbow pom poms for tail

2 googly eyes

1 red triangle gemstone for beak (or just draw it)

Glitter glue pens – 3-4 different colors

Loaded glue gun

Piece of lace


Trace peacock on the right side of felt using white crayon or sharpy remnant of soap bar (template is HERE – coming! Editor)

Hotglue eyes, beak, pom poms on the crown and on the tail as you see on the picture

Draw head, body, wings, feet, crown, tail with different color glitter glue

Let it dry

Hotglue lace loop on the wrong side so you can hang it on the wall