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Paper roll parrots

Saturday, April 5th, 2008


This craft is made specially for one of our visitors 🙂 We hope you all enjoy it!

Craft supplies

For each:

Paper roll

Acrylic paint – yellow and green, paintbrush

Pair of wiggle eyes

Camel foam scraps


Loaded glue gun


For green one:

2″ Styrofoam ball


If you’re making parrot with Styrofoam head, cut about 1″ out of paper roll across, then hotglue the head to the body

Further instructions are the same for both

Color your parrot any color you like – we used yellow and green, let it dry

Hotglue eyes and feathers (on the heads, as wings and as tails)

Make the beaks – it’s very easy – just draw on the foam small fat boomerangs and cut them out

Hotglue beaks to the heads

It’s a great puppet to play or just decoration. Enjoy!

Sea treasure display case

Friday, April 4th, 2008
Sea treasure display case

Sea treasure display case

No any practical function, just beautiful memory makeup 🙂

Craft supplies

Unfinished display case from craft store

Acrylic paint – pink and blue (or your favorite colors), paintbrush

Colored sand (we used glittered one, it adds some “wetness” effect to display)

Shells and/or pebbles you brought from your vacation on the sea shore


Color wooden parts of case with your favorite colors, let it dry

Fill the bottom of the case with colored sand, mixing it artistically

Tip: you may want to fill the very bottom with regular sand so you don’t waste your glitter behind the frame

Cast shells and/or pebbles on the sand

Lock the case

Display proudly


One more tip: postpone making this craft if you are to move 🙂 Shaking trucks may transform artistic piece into a mess!

Craftsticks fish suncatchers

Friday, April 4th, 2008



Craft supplies

Craft sticks – 6 for small and 8 for big fish

Acrylic paint – purple and orange

Wiggle eye – 2 for each

Embellishments – we suggest sequins (they look like scales much), but gems would work too!

Chenille stem cutting for “gills”

Loaded glue gun

Ribbon for hanger

Silicon sucker with hook (available in craft stores or dollar stores)


Hotglue two craft sticks together by 90° angle for big fish and sharper angle for small fish

Hotglue other 3 more (for big fish) or 2 more (for small one) paralleled leaving some space between

Turn fish over and follow up with another half (as you see on the pictures with unfinished articles)

suncatcher_fish_craft_sticks_big_unfinished fish_suncatcher_craft_sticks_small_unfinished

Paint them as you wish – first one side, let dry, paint another

Hotglue eyes, gills, embellishments

Glue ribbon loop

Display on your own window (don’t forget to stick sucker first) or gift somebody – it’ll surely brighten their day!

Princess magnet mirror for fridge or locker

Friday, February 29th, 2008

magnet mirror craft

Craft supplies

Round mirror from the craft store

Craft boa


Loaded glue gun

Self-adhesive magnet sheet


Hotglue boa by the edge of mirror

Hotglue gemstones in any arrangement you like (but not to disturb your own reflection)

Stick self-adhesive magnet on the wrong side of the mirror

Voila! It is ready to hang it in the locker or on the fridge!

Pirate eye patch

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

pirate eye patch foam craft

Pirate spyglass

Friday, February 15th, 2008

pirate spy glass kitchen roll craft

Princess headband

Friday, February 15th, 2008

princess headband craft

Craft supplies

Simple white headband

1 sparky chenille steam

1 gemstone

Loaded glue gun


Softly curve chenille stem in half (do not bend)

Twist the ends in the middle of halves (big loop)

Curve the ends towards twist point, fix the ends (2 small loops)

Hotglue gemstone on the crossing

Hotglue whole embellishment on the metallic clip of the band

Try on in front of the mirror! Mmm… Aren’t you the sweetest princess in the world!

Decorated shells

Saturday, February 9th, 2008


You can give it to your Mom on Mothers’ day or any regular day, she can put it on her bedside table and this cute “palm” will keep her ring, necklace, earrings or cell phone while she’s asleep. Or, use it just as loose change keeper! 🙂


Craft supplies (for one)

1 big shell

Acrylic paint, brush

Glitter glue pen or chunky glitter glue, or just glitter, stickers – your choice!

Acrylic sealer – optional


Wash and dry the shell

Paint the inner part, let it dry

Decorate with glitter, glitter glue, stickers… Draw or stick some hearts on the shell and you have Valentine’s Day gift!

Gift it to your mom, or granny, or friend – it’ll remind them of you every time they use it!



Saturday, February 9th, 2008


Craft supplies

2 toilet paper rolls

Kitchen foil

Loaded glue gun

Hole puncher

Craft cord
Hotglue 2 paper rolls together parallel

Wrap it with kitchen foil, making sure that you have enough to wrap inside a little. Feel free to rip it somewhere for fit

Make two holes in the outer sides of your almost-ready binoculars 🙂

Thread a cord through the holes, tie up the ends (please check in advance that you have enough length so your head gets through)

Do you like it? Who is captain today? You did a great job, you deserve some playing! 🙂

Pirate hat

Friday, February 8th, 2008