Oat in the pot plus unfading flower for Mother’s day!

April 8th, 2008


AnyΒ  Mom loves gardening. Well, not any, but most of. Impress your beloved one with something that you grew yourself!

Craft supplies

Flower pot (yogurt cup size is enough. Or, you can use yogurt cup itself) with soil

Cat grass seeds (very fast to emerge – from just 3 days!)

Acrylic paint and glitter glue to decorate pot; paintbrush

Slim pipe cleaner for flower frame, 3mm green pipe cleaner for stem and leaf

Beads: I, heart symbol, love you Mom

Multicolored pony beads (we had glowing in the dark ones)


Plant the seeds in the pot, following instructions on the pack (don’t forget to do it in advance since sprouts need time to emerge and grow! Allow about 2 weeks)

Connect 2 chenilles together so you have one long one with no bumps

String the letters, twist, string regular beads and twist again, forming petals

Bend green chenille in half, twist all along to make it stronger for holding flower (don’t forget to form a leaf in the middle of the stem)

Put loose ends from flower through the top loop of stem, secure

Don’t forget to water your grass every day πŸ™‚

On the Mother’s day, stick the flower into the soil, present to your Mom! Gosh she will be happy!

Postcards or valentines collector

April 6th, 2008


Craft supplies

Shoe box

Craft knife

Acrylic paint, brush


Embellishments – pom-poms, mini mirrors, gemstones, stickers etc.

Glitter glue – gold

Loaded glue gun


Cut an opening in shoe box’ lid

Paint the box and the lid with your favorite color (we used red), let it dry

Glue the ribbon by the edges of the opening so it’s nice and neat

Decorate your box with any embellishments you like more

Write your name or “For Mom” or “For Grandpa” or anything you wish on the box or the lid

Display and fill with cards!

Seder tray

April 6th, 2008


Craft supplies

Styrofoam tray

Acrylic paint – purple, green, brown; paintbrush

Cotton ball

Varnish or transparent adhesive paper


Crumple cotton ball tight

Dip it into purple paint and stamp onto tray, making bunches of grapes

Paint brown stems and green leaves

Let the paint dry

Varnish or cover with transparent adhesive paper

Cardboard house with picture

April 5th, 2008

This craft is soooooo suitable for any occasion. First, you can do it for yourself as picture display. Second-third-fourth and so, you can make it Mother’s day gift, Father’s day gift, Grandparents’ day gift or Valentine’s day gift: just add corresponding words or embellishments! πŸ™‚

Craft supplies

Cardboard house from craft store

Acrylic paint – we chose pearl-pink and light purple, paintbrush

Picture with your happy face πŸ™‚ Or two-three-four happy faces

Couple wooden stars from craft store




School glue

Optional: stickers, markers


Paint the house any way you like it, let it dry

Paint stars with glue, sprinkle with glitter, let the glue dry

Glue the stars to the “roof” part of the house

Choose a picture that you can crop to make a “door” with it

Glue it to the house

Frame picture with ribbon

Tip: instead of stars, you can add “window” in the attic, too πŸ™‚ If you make this craft for Valentine’s day, add some hearts stickers and write loving words! πŸ™‚

Phoenix – bird for luck

April 5th, 2008


Craft supplies

Air dry clay – we used orange and green

Pair of wiggle eyes

Feathers – small for the “crown” and big for wings and tail

Optional: pearl or acrylic beads for necklace


Form two “sausages” of clay, put together, twist (do not mix it too long to keep beautiful patterns)

Form an egg, then pull one side, curve (neck), mold the head, pinch back the beak

Press in eyes

Stick the feathers in to head, to the sides, to the tail zone

Optional: press the beads into her neck to make her necklaced πŸ™‚

Let the clay dry and it’s ready to display or gift!

Wooden movable caterpillar

April 5th, 2008


Craft supplies (for 1)

8 wooden beads

2 wiggle eyes

White twinkle pipe cleaner


Acrylic paint (it may be 1 or 8 colors, depends on you), paintbrush

1 small 2-holed button


1 wooden bead (or any other bead, or could be just small pipe cleaner ring)

Craft glue or loaded glue gun


Color the beads, let them dry

While they dry out, make chenille rings – very small, to string them between beads so your caterpillar can curve

Hotglue eyes to the “head” bead

Thread the cord through button’s holes, tie a knot

Start stringing beads, alternating with chenille rings

At the end (tale) of your caterpillar just string small bead, tie the end

Ready to play!

Paper roll parrots

April 5th, 2008


This craft is made specially for one of our visitors πŸ™‚ We hope you all enjoy it!

Craft supplies

For each:

Paper roll

Acrylic paint – yellow and green, paintbrush

Pair of wiggle eyes

Camel foam scraps


Loaded glue gun


For green one:

2″ Styrofoam ball


If you’re making parrot with Styrofoam head, cut about 1″ out of paper roll across, then hotglue the head to the body

Further instructions are the same for both

Color your parrot any color you like – we used yellow and green, let it dry

Hotglue eyes and feathers (on the heads, as wings and as tails)

Make the beaks – it’s very easy – just draw on the foam small fat boomerangs and cut them out

Hotglue beaks to the heads

It’s a great puppet to play or just decoration. Enjoy!

Bride doll puppet

April 5th, 2008


Craft supplies

1″ wooden bead

2 toothpicks

1 regular size craft stick

Curly chenille stem (pick color of your bride’s hair)

Regular chenille (skin color you like your bride to be)

Acrylic paint to color her face (choose the color), paintbrush

Flowers (from wedding section in the craft store)

Loaded glue gun

Fine permanent markers – black and red


White tulle for veil

White glimmering felt for dress

White thread, needle

Some “pearl” beads

White sparkling cord for waistband



Hotglue toothpicks on both sides of craft stick (by length), leaving about 1″ out

Put some hot glue on prominent ends of toothpicks, string the bead on them (that’s the way her head holds tight on her body)

Cover her hair zone with hot glue, stick the hair (start “wrapping” her head with curly chenille, continue to center, cut excessed ends)

Draw eyes, nose, lips with fine markers

Cut out tulle – any length you like veil to be (rectangular prism)

Pull together upper edge of the veil, fasten with thread

Hotglue the veil on the head, decorate with flowers

Tie “hands” (chenille) to the “body” (craft stick)

Lay your undone doll on white felt, trace her forming dress. Remember to trace her “fatter” than she really is because you need to sew to halves together. Cut first half out, trace it again, cut it out

Put two halves of the dress on your bride and start sewing from the shoulders

Belt your bride

She is ready to get married! Teach her “I do!” phrase πŸ™‚

Sparkling stars mobile

April 4th, 2008


Craft supplies

Plastic ring with crossbar (stores often carry scarves on those, just cut the hook πŸ™‚ ), or, just roll wire

Wooden stars from craft store

School glue, paintbrush

Glitter, different colors


Loaded glue gun


Wrap the ring with ribbon, glue the ends

“Paint” stars with school glue, sparkle with glitter

Hotglue ribbon ends to stars, tie opposite ends to ring (we have one big star with long ribbon tied to the bar and five small stars with shorter ribbons tied over the ring

Add a ribbon loop, display! If you hang it in the garden it will be definetely a suncatcher, add a bell and you have a windchime!

Sea treasure display case

April 4th, 2008
Sea treasure display case

Sea treasure display case

No any practical function, just beautiful memory makeup πŸ™‚

Craft supplies

Unfinished display case from craft store

Acrylic paint – pink and blue (or your favorite colors), paintbrush

Colored sand (we used glittered one, it adds some “wetness” effect to display)

Shells and/or pebbles you brought from your vacation on the sea shore


Color wooden parts of case with your favorite colors, let it dry

Fill the bottom of the case with colored sand, mixing it artistically

Tip: you may want to fill the very bottom with regular sand so you don’t waste your glitter behind the frame

Cast shells and/or pebbles on the sand

Lock the case

Display proudly


One more tip: postpone making this craft if you are to move πŸ™‚ Shaking trucks may transform artistic piece into a mess!